BUHR is a competence center for HR services located in Stavanger, Norway. We take every single assignment personally, simply because what we do is always about people. Skilled people. Valuable people. People who almost always have more to give.  


BUHR can provide HR services to all industries. We have the experience and knowledge to handle most HR administrative routines. We respond to your company's own procedures and guidelines, or we can help you to get them in place.



BUHR was founded by Bjørg Ueland in 2018. Bjørg has 25 years of experience in oil and gas, and eight years in IT, primarily as manager. Her subject areas have been HR and management. She has extensive experience in reorganization, deployment and management. As Songa Offshore Norway’s employee # 3, she helped build the company. Please check her LinkedIn profile for more information.





Successful HR work requires close collaboration with those who lead the company – the leaders who know what direction they want the company to take. BUHR has 20 years of experience working for top management in large and small businesses, and understands how best to take care of the management’s goals.


When it comes to something as important as people, it is crucial that you have an impartial and honest approach. BUHR always gives the company honest and objective advice. Always.


HR work is never something to leave for amateurs. It can harm both you company’s reputation and you bottom line. The company's human capital deserves to be treated professionally. We always follow the values of our client.